Download and Install MS Office 365 on a PC & MAC

Microsoft Office is the most preferred tool by the universities, businesses, institutions, individuals and numerous others with the wider features and reliable technology, visit – the Microsoft has again knocked on the door of the office users. This time it’s come with surprises that may facilitate more functions and efficiency. Office setup 365 is that the best choice not only for the people of the united state or other English speaking countries but to the entire world.

Technically, the office 365 has become the most suitable choices for small and medium scale businesses. There are customisation choices that let you set up the software according to your needs. For instance, you’ll find a special package office 365, which comes completely free.

Of all the many reasons for using this software, its functions and security are among the most notable ones. They need not hire any IT consulting company to set up its features according to your business model. It goes flawlessly just in few clicks.

When it comes to security, this version is that the most protected and safest choices available. Even more make secure than all the previous version of Microsoft office, this software reliably avails advanced process for this concern.

How to Microsoft Office 365

This application comes with various versions, and it’s recommended to choose in line with the requirements. Microsoft Office has distinguished products for home-based users. Now, take a look at how to set up this on computer and to anywhere on the cloud:

Installing the software isn’t too complicated, only you need to follow few steps then it will all set up for your use.

  • For this, it would be better to sign up for your chosen plan.
  • Go to the and create your account.
  • Then, you need to click on and ‘Buy Now’ option which will offer you the plans or the versions available.
  • Here you’ll be able to add users and connect your business domain for the more method.
  • Later, it’s the time to install your MS office apps. Go to the Admin centre wherever you need to choose visit office setup.
  • There you will opt for install now.
  • Select your language, and then download the applications.
  • Setup Outlook.
  • Search for the Outlook application in your computer/laptop. (Window users explore for the app from the start menu and the Mac users avail finder to find out).
  • Click the file, go to information and select add account.
  • Now, type your MS office email address and click connect
  • That is all, now the next step is to import all your emails to one place.
  • Import Outlook emails.
  • It is an simple process, all you need to do is to go to the file on the upper left corner of your Outlook then click on the ‘open & export’ option which can head to import and export. All done, just mention your email over there and it’ll import all of your emails to your new Outlook account.
  • Setting up the office through is an easy and flawless process that needs not any special technical knowledge, neither any support for that.

More about Microsoft office setup 365

Actually, it’s a bundle that comes with dedicated services. It includes on-line storage, sharing, and synchronising exploitation Microsoft Cloud platform. It comes in different editions, like a business, home, education (for teachers and students), and governments.

The applications that we get from MS office 365 is always the latest ones, moreover, you are eligible to upgrade to the latest version in the future.

There are numerous confusions regarding this This application works exactly the same as the previous one, though it comes with more features and flexibility. You can avail of all of your documents, files; excel sheets, emails offline when there is no computer. Moreover, you’ll also access them using the cloud function from anywhere at any time using any device with net.

The cloud function of this service offers numerous features that allow the users add, modify and access their documents on the go using Smartphones. Here is the Microsoft office web Apps that we will get from this purchase:

All the online applications are available on the OneDrive Cloud services. You need to create your OneDrive and here you will log in using your outlook, MSN, Hotmail or live account. You can use your mobile (phone) or desktop browser to access the files.

The office offers ultimate flexibility and convenience. You need not install anything on the pc to add, modify and access these files; and even you do not need any office software installed in the computer from which you are browsing. Moreover, no matter what kind of OS you’re availing, to access your files and to modify them, all you need is a system with an online connection and having internet browser installed.

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