Download and install or reinstall Office Product key – Office 2019, Office 365 on a PC

Install And Setup Office 365 Or 2019 On A Computer Or A Mac. Step By Step Process

What is 25 Microsoft Office Product key?

Office Product key is a twenty five digit alphanumeric code that you simply will used to setup Microsoft office 365 2019.

Remember you will find the Office product key on the back side of the card that you have bought from the store.

Having problems with your product key?

I can’t find my product key

For help with finding your Office product key, select your version of Office, Read more here product key:


Get Office

Before you decide to install office. You need to have a valid copy of the Microsoft office product. You can order office online at or buy Office from the store.

Sign In to Office Account

Sign in to your office account at and enter the office product code and move on to the next step.

Install Office

Depending on your browser, select Run at the bottom of the screen (in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome Browser), or Save File (in Firefox).

If you see the User Office Account control prompt that says, do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Select Yes.

The install begins.

System Requirements

Computer and processor Windows: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 2-core. …

Memory Windows: 4GB RAM; 2 GB RAM (32-bit)

macOS: 4 GB RAM. …

macOS: 10 GB of available disk space. …

Display Windows: 1280 x 768 screen resolution. Read More

select office

Select Office to begin the installation.

Select Install. (For office 365 subscribers, you will be on the overview page and need to select Install Office> first.)

Finishing Installation

Installation is finished when you see this message on your screen, “You are all set! MS Office Installation now” and an animation plays to direct you where to find ms office applications on your pc. Select Close. home and student 2019

Upgrade to latest Microsoft Office

To upgrade a one-time purchase (non-subscription) version of office such as office Home & Student or office Home & Business, you need to buy the latest version of office 2019 first at You can choose to purchase an office 365 subscription or the latest one-time purchase version. Learn More at


Learn by Doing

Quick Start with Word

With Word on your computer, Mac, or mobile device, you can:

Add text, info graphics in the form of art, images and videos.

Research a topic and find credible sources.

Access your documents from a pc, tablet, or phone with OneDrive anytime and anywhere in the world.

Share your documents, and work with others.

Track and review changes, stay upto date with Www.Office.Com/ Setup. verify

One drive


Upload data to OneDrive

Upload files and folders to Microsoft OfficeOneDrive, so you can get to them anytime, anywhere and on almost any device.

The basic steps to upload data to OneDrive:

Select Upload > Folder.

Select the folder.

Select Upload.

Learn More at Office Setup or visit Www.Office.Com/Myaccount.


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