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Get Office for your Device with easy to follow steps:

To initiate the Microsoft office Setup, you must have a valid product key and visit to get started with your installation process. We will guide you throughout the process of setting up your MS Office on your PC.

The advancements in the PC world deserves a sincere thanks from all those who exploited its magnificence in the business domain. However, technologies have their own language to communicate with the computing requirements of working professionals. According to the user’s choice of work, Microsoft Office productivity suites are equipped with features that offer exclusive and customised services.

Get your Office Will Improve Business Productivity

As a renowned brand in digital business community, Microsoft Office products are dominating the computing arena as they are fundamentally utilised in business sectors, schools, financial institutions, and Government Office areas. A considerable amount of fan following go to freelancers and part-time workers as they excessively rely on Office products for their daily earnings.

That is enough discussing the capabilities of MS Office; let’s dig into more relevant information that could prove useful while choosing a specific MS Office suite as per your computing needs.

Before we start discussing the step-by-step sequence of activities or course of action, you need to perform to get Office setup installed on your device without hassles, let’s take a quick glance on what resources you need to get started.

Prerequisites of installing MS Office Suite

First of all, you need to buy the Office setup online, or by visiting a retail shop, or via a third party website. Whatever method you choose to purchase the Office product, you need to go through several online procedures to download, install and activate your Office setup.

Make sure to have all prerequisites in place before you start downloading your software package:

  • The system or device, on which you want to install Microsoft Office, must have an updated Operating System installed to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Make sure to have your PC or device, connected with an uninterrupted Internet network.
  • Make sure to have a valid Subscription
  • Make sure to redeem the product key after you purchase the product. The key is the only method for you to download the feasible office setup file via
  • Make sure to have all the system requirements for Microsoft Office setup, installed in your computer.
  • Make sure to have an updated Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, installed in your PC.
  • Make sure to have an existing Microsoft Office Login account.
  • If you purchased a retail subscription of Office setup, then make sure to keep your retail card at your side as it contains all relevant information you need to download, install and activate the product.

How to purchase MS Office product online?

To purchase Office products online, you only need a computer or laptop, a registered email ID, Internet Connection and a Bank account. All you need is to visit and choose an Office suite that fits your computing need and your pocket as well.

Since a few packages are quite expensive, users choose to download a Free Trial version of Office products to experience its features before you pay for it. However, if you want to experience the true power of MS Office, you must subscribe to the product.

In the online process, after confirming the product, you will be asked to provide your credit card or debit card details to make the online transaction for purchase. After which, Microsoft will send an order confirmation email to your registered email ID. Once you login the email ID, you can go check your inbox to find and extract your product key along with information you need to download, install and activate the product.

You can purchase Microsoft office Setup suites via a retail shop. The procedure is quite similar to purchasing your grocery items from a market. All you need is to locate and visit a computer shop in your residential area and ask the retailer for MS Office retail card that contains the product of your choice.

Once you make the choice, you can make the payment by using credit card, make online transaction, or even cash would be a fine mode of payment. Ask the retailer to activate the retail card before leaving the shop.

The product key will be imprinted on the back cover of your retail card. The information to install and activate the office product will be concealed inside the card. To redeem your product, you need to peel off the sticker on the back of the card.

Steps to download and activate office Setup via

Once the purchase is made, go through the steps to get the MS Office downloaded and installed on your device. Make sure to have created a Microsoft account to access, manage, download, activate and update your Office products.

  1. Open your Web Browser and go through the website URL
  2. Click on “Sign in” button at the top-left corner of the webpage. Enter your username and password to sign in your Microsoft account.
  3. If you’re a first time visitor, you need to click on “Sign Up” button and fill in your personal details to complete the “Sign up” form. Click on “Create account” and then sign in.
  4. Enter your Product key in the allocated space.
  5. The time required for Office setup to download will depend on the speed of your internet network.
  6. Depending on your browser, click on “Run” to launch the installation, or click on “save” to download the setup file and then double-click the setup file to launch the installation process.
  7. Once you save the download, go to the web browser download history or just “Downloads” to extract the executable file.
  8. Double-click the executable file to initiate the installation process.
  9. Read the end user license agreements and Click “I Agree” to consent for terms and conditions.
  • Follow the on-screen procedure to complete the process

Activate your Microsoft Office setup?

  1. Click twice the Office setup icon on desktop to open the activation wizard
  2. Click “Activate” and enter your product key
  3. Click then “Activate now” and follow the on-screen instructions to get started

If you find it difficult to follow the procedures on your own, then you can contact Microsoft Office Customer Care Tech Support Unit for expert guidance on how to download, install and activate Office setup. Www.Office.Com/Myaccount

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